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Uk’s department of energy and climate change (decc) in conjunction with the british embassy jakarta and indonesia’s ministry of energy and mineral officially launched  “indonesia 2050 pathways calculator” on april 20th at hotel kempinski jakarta. The event was also attended by uk foreign office special representative for climate change sir david king, the 6th president of indonesia and chairman of the global green growth institute (gggi), dr susilo bambang yudhoyono and head of research and development of indonesian ministry for energy and mineral resources, f.X. Sutijastoto.

The “Indonesia 2050 Pathways Calculator” is an innovative web-based computer model, showing Indonesia’s energy demand and supply together with land use scenarios and how they interact to influence the country’s future energy security, greenhouse emissions and land utilization. It is an interactive user-friendly tool that allows anyone with an internet connection to explore different energy and land use scenarios projected to the year 2050.

According to F.X. Sutijastoto, Calculator 2050 is a tool to help the development of energy policy in order to reduce gas emissions, “As a communication tool, the Indonesia 2050 Calculator can help the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in developing a measurable and sustainable energy policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This tool aims to support public debate on energy policy planning and analysis as well as to provide guidelines on communication strategy to relevant stakeholders such as universities, local government and any cross-ministerial working groups/organizations.”

Developed from the UK’s 2050 Calculator, the Indonesia 2050 Calculator is based on an energy balancing model which uses a number of sectoral trajectories to calculate possible development pathways to 2050. It draws on work led by a team of modelers from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE). The model has gone through more than 15 consultation processes with sector experts to ensure the model covers many possible development pathways.

On the occasion, British Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor-Leste Moazzam Malik said the 2050 calculator has helped the UK develop national plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so it is expected the same thing can also happen in Indonesia, “All countries face a challenge in ensuring secure and affordable energy supplies while protecting the environment. The 2050 calculator has helped the UK to meet the very demanding targets we have set to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. I hope that the new Indonesia 2050 calculator will similarly help President Jokowi’s Government to formulate plans to achieve rapid growth while protecting Indonesia’s vulnerable communities from future environmental impact.”



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