Study on Inventory of Electricity Subsidies in Indonesia, 2013

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In 2013, IIEE provided consulting services to IISD through study on inventory of electricity subsidies especially Inventory of subsidies for the production of electricity in Indonesia. The study as part of Asian Development Bank project Rationalizing Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in India, Indonesia and Thailand (ADB TA 7834). IIEE carried out the subsidy checklist for electricity generation and consumption in the period 2008-2013; identify central government policies, legislation and expenditures, focusing on budget documents that could potentially be classified as a subsidy. IIEE also performed number of interviews with key stakeholders to supplement the information. The study applied the IISD-GSI’s definition of “subsidy” and shall deliver in IISD’s template namely a completed set of descriptive (word) and one (excel) template detailing electricity subsidy estimation. The study can be an initial step to support the climate change mitigation.

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