Biomass Gasification Electrification – Bali, 2013-2014

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biomassaThe aim of the project is to improve energy security and the capacity of Munduk village community in Buleleng district, Bali province to improve their living standards by providing access and good quality power supply for residents in remote areas, utilizing locally produced waste as an energy source for electricity generation, increasing the role of local NGOs to assist and coach the community, increasing the capacity of local communities to manage the technical and economic aspects of their electrical system to be sustainable, and creating economic activities of society through the productive use of electricity.

In this program many partners involved and IIEE can complete this program very well. The Partners is ICED-USAID, BNI 46, INSIGHT, Wisnu Foundation and also the Head indigenous of Munduk Village. Biomass Gasification Electrification is to provide access to electricity to 81 households, temples and schools.

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