Stakeholder Roundtable: Indonesian Women for Energy

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Kopernik-IIEE 1IIEE in collaboration with KOPERNIK held a Stakeholder Roundtable on 12th November 2015 with the theme ‘Energy, Woman, and Sustainable Development’. This event bring together all stakeholders including Government, NGO’s, as well as Private sector to discuss about how was the current situation of women’s participation in energy sector and how to further improve women’s participation in new and renewable energy sector.

This Stakeholder Roundtable event divided in three sessions.

First session put the policy perspective on increasing access to new and renewable energy as the topic. This session moderated by Executive Director of IIEE, Dr. Hakimul Batih and present Dr. Ir. Tumiran M.Eng from National Energy Council and Dr. Asclepias Rachmi Indriyanto from USAID-ICED II as the speaker. In this section, present situation of energy policy in Indonesia, its opportunity and challenges were discussed. Dr. Asclepias highlighted the importance of how to implement the policy on operational sector.

Second session presents the civil societies’ perspective in widen the access to new and renewable energy. This session presented by Sergina Loncle, Communication Manager Yayasan Kopernik, Ade Djunainah, Public Outreach Manager IIEE dan, Sandra Winarsa, Program Manager Green Energy, Hivos ROSEA. They share their activities related to the effort of widening the energy access especially for women in rural area.

Third session invited the private sector to share about the business’ perspective in new and renewable energy resources. Moderated by Citra Savitri, Yayasan Kopernik, this session invites Made Wiratma from General Electric Indonesia and Suzy Oge from the Dendrite group as speakers. They shared their activities and its challenges in their electrification project in the community.

Furthermore, this event set sights on every stakeholder to look forward to share their experiences and collaborate together to support the implementation of policies and project that provide clean energy availability in Indonesia as well as support the women participation in the supply and distribution of clean energy technologies.

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