Survey on Household Use of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

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IIEE prepared survey on “Household Use of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs” in North Sumatera. The survey activity was under Danida’s Environmental Support Programme (ESP3) and was performed to support Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. North Sumatera Province was chosen considering that the provinces is currently undergoing electricity crisis. There are two ways to address this situation. First is by provision of greater power supply and second is by reducing the use of power through energy efficiency measures. Providing greater power supply means the need to install new power generators, which will take substantial time and big investment. In the other hand, managing the use of electricity can reduce consumption level, slow down its growth and therefore lower the need for additional capacity of power generation. Nevertheless, more information on the characteristics of electricity consumption in the area is crucial for preparing suitable intervention program on both increasing power supply and reduces electricity consumption.

The objective of this research is to provide the information on the characteristics of electricity consumption for lighting and its market data in north Sumatra province. For doing so, the survey for household and lighting appliance shops is needed. Medan, Simalungun, and Deli Serdang were selected as survey sites. Geographical coverage, population, number of households, Gross Regional Domestics Products (GRDP) per capita, and customer group representation are the criteria behind the selection of those survey sites.

The result of this study is a report which covers:

  • Average daily energy use of light bulbs in selected areas of North Sumatra Province
  • Data on price, type/technical specifications and producer of energy saving light bulbs available at the retail market in selected areas of North Sumatra Province
  • Potential for energy saving from replacing existing lamps with energy efficient types and data on the amount and types of bulbs required by individual households
  • Investment needs and other costs for a program to replace existing light bulbs with energy efficient lamps in a selected area of North Sumatra Province
  • Selection criteria and number of households that will be appropriate beneficiaries of energy efficient light bulbs replacement program
  • Monitoring and evaluation framework covering energy savings and cost-benefit of replacement program.

Download english version report


Download Indonesia version report


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