Living Behind Legacies: Judging Panel and Closing Ceremony of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Awareness Raising Program in Education Sector, Central Java

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Two series of events: judging and closing ceremony, marked the end of energy saving awareness raising program among high schools in Central Java. It ended during mid-May 2017, leaving behind high enthusiasm and profound impacts.

About The Program
The program, namely Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Awareness Raising in The Education Sector in Central Java, including an Energy Saving Competition, was conducted by Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE) as consultant. It was supported by Environmental Support Programme Phase-3 (ESP3) DANIDA, Energy Agency (Dinas ESDM) of Central Java, and Education Agency (Dinas Pendidikan CJ) of Central Java.

Ten high schools in the cities of Semarang, Solo, and Magelang were the target of this program. Awareness raising, capacity building program, and competition are the outputs measured by several deliverables fulfilled by IIEE. Teachers as Energy Managers (EMs) and students as Energy Saving Ambassadors (ESAs) both implemented their own energy policy programmes in their schools, homes, and communities. Over a period of 2.5 months, a 10-25% decrease in the size of electricity bills was recorded, excluding the potential ripple effect caused by raising awareness about behaviour change.

Judging Panel

At the end of competition, each team (EM and ESAs) presented their work over the last 2.5 months in front of the panel of judges. The judges were consisted of three people from different background: Dr. Ir. Joko Winarto, M.T (Diponegoro University) as local energy and environment expert and head of the jury, Mr. Tunggul Purwono Adi, ST (Dinas ESDM CJ), and Drs. Supardi, MM (Education Agency CJ). The aim of judging panel was to score the achievement of each team and determine which one would be the champion, based on scoring criteria.

Each team got one hour to present their deliverables, including 15 minutes of discussion. For easier access and timely manner, judging panel was held on each city (Surakarta, Semararang, and Magelang) on May 13, May 15, and May 16. The judges were all impressed because all teams had high creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to dedicate their resources throughout the program.

Closing Ceremony

One day after judging panel, closing ceremony was held in Gumaya Hotel Semarang. It gathered and connected all school, awarded the champions, and officially marked the end of the program. Aside from IIEE, all stakeholders such as Ambassador of Denmark, Dinas ESDM CJ, Dinas Pendidikan CJ, BAPPEDA, ESP-3 DANIDA, and all participated schools were invited to the ceremony. The event started by opening ceremony from Dinas ESDm, ESP3 DANIDA, and IIEE.

After that, each champion was announced. There were 4 categories of champions: School Champion, EM Champion, ESAs Champion, and House Champion. Each category had 3 levels of champions: first, runner-up, and second runner-up. SMAN 3 Magelang remarkably won the categories of EM and ESAs Champion, while SMAN 5 Semarang also extraordinarily won the School and House Champion categories.

Afterwards, all participants took photograph together gleefully. Ambassador of Denmark, Casper Klynge, visited all the teams’ booth where they presented their achievement using visual aids such as poster, mock-up, videos, and many others. The ceremony was officially closed with the sound of the gong. The event has left memorable impression among the invitees, especially the highly-enthusiast high school students.

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